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Osakana Jewellery was started in 2019 by Sarina Iwabuchi in her previous home in Nottingham, UK, in-between days of being a neuroscientist. These in-between days provided a much-needed creative outlet and lots of experimenting with little bits of silver. Thus began the Osakana Jewellery journey! In 2021, Osakana Jewellery made the big move back to Auckland, New Zealand, Sarina's hometown.


All the pieces are carefully handcrafted from recycled 925 sterling silver following ethical and eco-friendly practices. Sarina cares deeply about the planet and the next generations to come so believes that even these small steps can make a big impact. All packaging is biodegradable, recyclable or recycled to keep our carbon footprint to a minimum, and we are continuously on the hunt for ways to be more sustainable, ethical, and eco-friendly.

On a normal week, Sarina can be found walking Pixel, hanging from aerial silks, deep-sea diving, or watching a film with a big bowl of popcorn, when she's not creating new designs or lovingly handcrafting your pieces at the bench!


What does Osakana mean?

Osakana means fish in Japanese. In Japanese culture, fish (specifically Koi fish) symbolizes courage and perseverance, reflecting their behavior to swim against the current no matter the conditions. It is a reminder of the importance to be yourself even if it means taking the more challenging path. Much like how Osakana Jewellery was born!

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